JC Rathwell was born in Calgary Alberta in 1968 as JAY C Rathwell, and has always gone by the name JC. He spent his entire childhood raising, training, and breaking horses (his family's business) for a horse racing stable in Central Alberta.

In 1988 JC went to College in Kelowna BC where he took Business Administration. He got a job the first week out of College and started as a data entry clerk for a computer company. Within 6 months, he was Assistant Manager, and in 1 year he was promoted to Manager and was given his own store, which he ran for just over a year.

In 1992, he started his own franchise business Canadian Homefinders in Red Deer Alberta. Over the next 2 years (at the age of 26), he expanded Homefinders to 4 different offices, in 2 different Provinces.  Over the next 10 years, Homefinders expanded to 4 different provinces, covering 40 different cities, making it the Largest Rental Information Franchise in Canada.

In 2003, JC founded Daisy Productions Society after his beloved basset hound, Daisy, passed away at the age of three from liver failure. JC enjoys donating his time and money to help people in need as well as local Charities.

In 2005 he had Twin Anchors Houseboats custom build a 76ft dinner cruise boat, "The Boardroom," which was the largest boat operating on Okanagan Lake, and did hundreds of weddings and Private dinner cruises for businesses around the world. Not only was he the President and Founder of the company, but he was also one of the youngest Captains on the Okanagan Lake.

In 2010 JC started a website and iPhone App that lists the Top Things "ToDo" around the globe including which had a Visitor Information and Ticket Kiosk located right downtown Kelowna.

In 2014 JC decided to sell his Businesses and his house in Kelowna BC and move to the Caribbean. This caught the eye of HGTV House Hunters International, and they followed JC down the Caribbean and an episode of HGTV's hit show "Caribbean Life" was filmed and aired in Canada and the United States.

In 2015 JC and his wife moved to a small Caribbean Island called Roatan, 150 miles South of Belize. Over the next 4 years, JC bought 50 ATV's and started an ATV Jungle tour business in the middle of the Jungle and catered upto 140 Cruise ships guests a day, and quickly became the top 3, most popular Cruise ship excursions on the Island. While JC was running the ATV Park, his wife ran The Rusty Anchor Beach bar at Las Palmas.
In 2016 the new Villas at Las Palmas Resort were built. JC sold 6 of the first 7 Villas, and was instrumental in getting the development started.

In 2017 JC started Roatan Homelocators a Property Management company that looked after properties all over the island.

In 2018 JC decided to leave the Caribbean, sell all 3 Caribbean businesses and move back to Kelowna Canada and look for the "Next Big Thing."

3220 McMahon Rd West Kelowna BC V4T1E9


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JC Rathwell - is an Entrepreneur extraordinaire in the truest form of the word. In the last 20 years he has started over 50 businesses. He has built all these businesses with the motto: "Under Promise and Over Deliver". Read More