Meet our "Uber" driver (Lucky) he will drive you around Bangkok for 7 hours, keep you safe, help you get deals on stuff....all for $12.

uber driver 2

Notice how I took a picture showing the licence plate of his car also?... (and made a big deal about it at the time I took it to make sure it was in the picture) then I sent that picture to my mom and told her if she didn't hear back from us in 12 hours... that this was the guy to find out WTF happened to us... true story!!

One of the best places to hangout in Bangkok is on Khao San road. Home of the $7.00 1 Hour Thai massage... among other things.

I don't know when JC Rathwell finds time to sleep!! He has now taken on another project. This one, JC is leading a team of computer programmers and have created an app that has changed the way people shop all over the world!!!!.....

How many times have you walked around in a grocery store looking for an item, or tried to find a store employee for help?

Have you ever wished that you had a Shopping Assistant that you could ask to find which store has the best price on an item before you leave your home, and then show you where that item is located in the store when you get there? Well, JC Rathwell has made it come true!

The Super Shopper app uses Social Data Collectors that are constantly adding and updating the where-abouts of items in stores all over the world. In Canada, 600,000 people shop at Walmart EVERYDAY, so it didn't take long to have thousands of products available in the database.

JC Rathwell has created a software program that helps compare prices of items from different stores, AND at the same time show you where those items are located in the store, which eliminates the need to find someone to ask for help. The Super Shopper app works on any product, in any store, anywhere in the world.

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