The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming... actually they are already here. We have been on the Island called Phu Quoc (off the coast of Vietnam) for the last 4 days, and they (the Russians and the Vietnamese) have invested heavily in this island. They have committed to build 10,000 hotel rooms in the next 3 years. Even the food menus are in Russian and they fly the Russian flag right beside the vietnamese one. The beaches are nice, but nothing like in the promotional pictures

It's 2019 here on a small island off the coast of Vietnam. Although there was no fireworks, we brought in the new year "Rathwell Style" with a bottle of wine, choose your favorite snack, and take a front row seat to bring in the new year.

I hope that 2019 is your best year EVER, and you spend it with the ones that love you!!!

In south Asia they have Uber (actually its called Grab here) and you can ask to be picked up in a vehicle or on a motorbike. (There are over 8 million motorbikes in Vietnam). We decided to try hailing 2 motorbikes and see which one of us would get back to the hotel faster....This 10 minute ride only cost 75 cents.

Got to experience 150 meters of the miles of tunnels of Củ Chi ....located just outside of Ho Chi Min city. We also went to the war museum... ****(edited) it made me sad****** I did get to shoot the Rambo M60 machine gun though.... wow

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