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I don't know when JC Rathwell finds time to sleep!! He has now taken on another project. This one, JC is leading a team of computer programmers and have created an app that has changed the way people shop all over the world!!!!.....

How many times have you walked around in a grocery store looking for an item, or tried to find a store employee for help?

Have you ever wished that you had a Shopping Assistant that you could ask to find which store has the best price on an item before you leave your home, and then show you where that item is located in the store when you get there? Well, JC Rathwell has made it come true!

The Super Shopper app uses Social Data Collectors that are constantly adding and updating the where-abouts of items in stores all over the world. In Canada, 600,000 people shop at Walmart EVERYDAY, so it didn't take long to have thousands of products available in the database.

JC Rathwell has created a software program that helps compare prices of items from different stores, AND at the same time show you where those items are located in the store, which eliminates the need to find someone to ask for help. The Super Shopper app works on any product, in any store, anywhere in the world.

The consumer can ask the Super Shopper's Store Assistant many different questions, and the assistant will help them with their shopping needs. No more back tracking through Aisles that you have already went down, or spending more on an item that you could have found cheaper at another store down the road. It is all in the palm of your hand.

The Super Shopper app has improved the lives of every shopper by providing them the best price on items and created a hassle-free, time-saving shopping experience. With the use of GPS software, Super Shopper provides users step-by-step navigation via smartphones and tablets with GPS support. It suggests to you the shortest and fastest routes through the store to find what you are looking for.

And, that’s not all. It also gives you the ability to compare prices on items from different stores, submitted by other users of the Super Shopper app. It gathers most accurate and latest information from other shoppers that have shopped in that same store and choose to share the real-time data to other shoppers to save time and money for other shopper. Super Shopper is the ONLY In-Store GPS assisted application in the world.

Free to download, easy to use and quite helpful, this app provides updated product prices and locations to make you shop smarter by all of the users working together. All you have to do is type in what item you are looking for and it will show you what store has the best price on that item and WHERE it is located in that store. You can also take active participation by sharing the current prices of the items that you are already shopping for so other users can find the same great deal.

Every time you scan an item with our Super Shopper App we will give you 100 points. No Purchase Necessary! That's 100 points that you can trade-in for CASH. Scan as many items as you like. Once you earned 100,000 points we will send you a cheque. It doesn't matter how long it takes. Limited time only.

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