Let's play a game... what got me sick?

Let's play a game... what got me sick?

A- traveling on a plane for 16 out of 24 hours to get to get to Thailand
B- drinking non filtered ice in my drinks
C- my wife sexing me close to death
D- laying in bed stressing over why John and Patsy Karrol unfriended both felicia and I last week..was it because they used us for all the could by us furnishing their villa in Roatan for them, introducing them to all of our friends on the island, or did they unfriended us because I was about to go public about their medical marijuana "investment opportunity" and we will never get the $3500 a month that they promised we would get when we went with them
E- believed I was abducted by aliens and had my testicles probed
F- Ate Jimminy (sp?) cricket (well a grasshopper but close enough)
G- Didn't listen to Dale and didn't start taking vitamins before we got here
H- Ate Pad Thia from a street food cart 3 times at $1.50 a plate
I- Had a real deep toxin releasing Thai massage every day we have been here.

Before you say "all of the above" ....all of these things DID happen to me except for one... which DID happen in 2012

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