How To Start a Business Online and Make Money With It.

One of the easiest ways to start a business on the internet is creating websites and sending perspective customers to existing Business owners.

Who doesn't want more customers? Today, business owners are too busy running their businesses to be an expert on Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

 That is where you can come in. Below you find the steps to set up a business acquiring leads and then turning them into customers for business owners.


1- Register and create a website something like

2- Add generic pictures of people getting their hair done (sitting in salon chair etc) and add some generic text about what services hair salons provide.

3- Buy a local Miami phone number and add a Submit form for booking an appointment to your website.

4- Create the website and set it up with keywords that will help show up in search results. When someone searches for "Hair Salon Shops in Miami" on Google.

5- Then we wait for Google to rank the site above most others, say, on the 1st page, and people will start clicking on your site, and filling out the form and calling the number on your website first.

6- Then forward those phone calls directly to the business owners website that you choose to help.

7- Their staff takes the phone calls, and convert these leads into customers, and book them in for a Hair-do. It could be 1 lead a day, or 10 leads a day.

8- The question is, what is a new customer worth to a business owner, that would have normally gone to another salon....Priceless, right?

9- You charge the business owner 10% of the service that he provides to your customers on the first visit

10- Then repeat, as many times as you are able to.

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